Conference objectives

Review applicable policies and procedures to optimize electrical energy consumption

Identify strategies to improve management of electrical energy in various sectors

Provide solutions to reduce waste of electrical energy

Paving the way for the introduction of research activities and experimental research in the field of energy management and consumption

Check the latest insights, methods and technologies of the new strategy, traditional and indigenous to cope with the shortage of electrical energy

Clarifying the role of public and private users in optimizing electrical energy consumption

Monitors the performance of organizations in the field of electrical energy consumption pattern of reform

Improving energy efficiency in new buildings

The introduction of new telecommunications networks

Implementation of infrastructure solutions for e-commerce

Increased communication industry and academia

Increase public participation

Comprehensive participation of academic and research centers across the country to provide guidelines for the day out of concern Telecom

Promote Community College, community and industry rely on national capabilities in the areas of industry, universities and centers of higher education and research

The results of the conference fruitful efforts devoted to the comprehensive development of the country's telecom industry

Creating a suitable environment for the exchange of scientific and technical levels and provide theoretical and applied approaches and the latest research findings

All rights reserved approach to the third international conference on electrical engineering, computer science and information technology.